Values of blog networks

March 14, 2006 – 10:41 am

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I was perusing the values of blogs as reported here, and I’m not sure how they’re computing the values, but it appears to be mostly by adding the combined value of incoming links. The backlink totals are astounding in some cases, and make a great argument for teaming up with others, rather than going it alone.

Blog networks appear to take on an additional value, above the sum of the individual blog’s worth. For profitablity, this is a grand slam. I’m not sure what the value of the Blog Republic is at the moment (since it was only started yesterday), but one thing I can be sure of is that the value is rising rapidly.

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  2. I think the number of incoming links has a lot to do with it.
    Technorati has a fun tool that will give you the value of your blog by inputting your URL. You can get an HTML code to display it on your site while your there.

    By Heather on Mar 14, 2006

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