3 great reasons the freshness factor helps websites rank

March 15, 2006 – 6:11 pm

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There’s many reasons to want to keep your website fresh. One of the main ones is that a fresh website is more interesting to everyone, even web robots. And interested web robots are something you want, especially as a blogger. The reasons that freshness matter so much are not unfathomable.

1) Websites that update often are considered to be authoritative.

Let’s face facts: unless your subject is ancient history, you will need to update material nearly constantly. In the wired (wireless?) age we live in, yesterday’s fact will almost certainly be tomorrow’s obsolescence. Would a website that talked about 8 track players still be pertinent to a modern music consumer? Of course not, and for this reason alone, a website needs to be a source of ever-expanding material.

2) Visitors return more often to websites that are updated frequently

This is another reason to update as often as your energy allows. Let’s face facts, it’s usually not that tough to pound out a few sentences in a day, and hit submit. Now that wouldn’t get you too far, but if you add a bit more enthusiasm to your daily efforts, then you’re bound to succeed. For a lack of a better word, people can feel you “Chi”. If you are the a vital person with great ideas, your genuine enthusiasm will help you carry the day.

3) Your website will be comprehensive if it’s updated frequently

Let’s add breadth to the depth of your website now. When people think of you as a primary news source, you’re profile in the internet community rises exponentially. A comprehensive website is one that not only has all the old information on a subject, but also one that has all the latest information, even if it was just updated 10 minutes ago! If you snooze, you will surely lose.

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