Set daily goals to become self employed in internet marketing

March 21, 2006 – 6:32 pm

by Darren

Sometimes I have trouble explaining my job to people. I say a few sentences and their eyes glaze over. At that point I don’t bother continuing. For people who aren’t that interested in the technology that makes up the internet, marketing online is not that engaging of a subject. For those people who have a genuine interest in all of the fascinating web technologies, and who view the internet as the most incredible communications tool of all time, online marketing becomes an inevitablity. There are more ways now to monetize a website, and if anyone tells you it can’t be done, they are just spouting sour grapes.

The best way for you to become a web marketer is to ease in. There’s a good reason for this. If you start web marketing as a secondary income producer, it will give you the time you need to really explore the career, without putting undue financial pressure and daily stress on you. The learning curve can be lengthy, depending on your background. If you’re completely unfamiliar with all concepts of web marketing, you need to slow down and begin with the basics. You need to be able to build a solid website in order to be able to monetize it.

The best advice I can give you now is to just get started.  There’s no way reading about the principles of webmastering can help you.  You need to actually get your hands dirty (virtually of course) and wade into the shallow water of the pool.  There is so much information available on-line, that you couldn’t have picked a better time to enter the arena.  Start with a small goal of $1 per day. Once your method is working, set your goal higher, to the $10 range.  As you learn your craft, you will be able to consistently set your earnings goals higher, and you’ll instantly achieve success as your prowess of webmastering grows.

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