State of the Republic

March 22, 2006 – 10:24 am

by Darren

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For 8 days the Republic has existed, and it has been embraced by the internet already. I look around and see signs of the BR growing, and it warms my tiny heart just a bit.

As of today, Google already has 16 pages indexed, so the service by the search engines has been very fast. It’s not surprising because of a number of links have been added in the last 8 days, and many of them came from well respected websites. That’s the best and most reliable to get indexed, especially in Google.

Chris and Kevin are also reporting good results so far, with actual referrers arriving from Google and MSN. Chris is also experiencing positives from viral activity, as well.

That link is more than just a link to me as well. For me that link is like someone saying that I’m doing a good job and they like what I’m doing. Not to mention that I get to feel good knowing that I made someone else very happy. I’ve got a number of hits as a result of that review too so I would imagine the blogger probably told everyone she knew about her review.

Hard to argue with that logic, and it’s great to see the BR off to such a successful start.

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