Using free reprint articles to promote your blog

March 23, 2006 – 9:49 am

by Darren

The use of free reprint articles is a decent way to promote your blog, provided you do it right. The article submission field is growing rapidly, and like any crowded industry, only quality can help you stand out. It’s not enough to just write any old article in the hopes of landing a backlink from someone. You need targeted traffic, and you can only get targeted traffic when you write very specific articles. Using a shotgun approach is less effective, because only a limited number of people actually read the articles submitted to article directories.

Webmasters are the ones reading your articles

This is true at the beginning. It’s webmasters who will approve your articles, so they are the first line who get to take a look at your message. For this reason, I think it’s sound advice to target your message directly at them, especially at the webmasters who are also bloggers (the line is blurring everday). If you can make your article appealing to fellow bloggers, the chance your article will appear on related blogs goes way up. When your link appears on related blogs, your traffic and link popularity go up as well.

Don’t be obnoxious when promoting your website

Article directories are run by humans. So if you try to stuff your article with keywords or URLs, you won’t get far. You’re much better off following the guidelines and putting your best effort into your article. You’ll get much mileage in the end, because no one is going to publish a list of URLs with little or no text. Or if someone does, it’s not the type of backlink that can help much anyway. Go for quality over quantity. You’re best off looking to build relationships with certain webmasters and readers than attempting to “blast off” to blog stardom. It might happen for you, but chances are you’ll end up irritating the very people who can help you in the end.  Article submissions are a huge aid in your quest for new readers, so give it your best shot.

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  2. Nice advice, I am starting a new website for a software program that keeps track of gas mileage, business mileage, maintenance and more. I have been looking for more ways to generate traffic. I think I have a cool little program that the average person can really use and enjoy. Thanks for your tips I will see if I can apply them.

    By Dandy on Jan 11, 2007

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