Blogging: patience is more than a virtue, it’s a requirement

March 28, 2006 – 4:04 pm

by Darren

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It’s safe to say that you’ll need patience when waiting for success with your blog. Your blog is now one of an estimated 100 million or blogs vying for attention on the internet.

There are a few legitimate reasons a new blog can’t be that successful

  1. First, no one has been there, so you have no backlog of customers.
  2. You have no archive of posts indexed in search engines that brings new visitors daily

No blog in it’s first month can overcome these limitations, with only a few exceptions. A blog that is new but linked from another successful blog would receive qualified traffic right away. A blogger who runs a PPC campaign could also hit the ground running, but that’s basically the extent of the list. Mortal bloggers will have to be patient and wait at least a few months until people start discovering and linking to their website.  .I’m not telling you to be complacent in the first few months of your blog development.  I’m merely suggesting you are patient.  Do all of the necessary chores you can think of to promote you website, but be realistic about the results.  The main key is for you to continue to blog, without developing a sense of frustration at your initial isolation in the blogosphere.

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