3 ways to monetize your blog’s content

March 30, 2006 – 12:47 pm

by Darren

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Okay, building websites is fun and all, but it’s hardly the most exciting thing in the world. To maintain a great website takes a lot of old-fashioned work. And all that work needs to be rewarded in the form of payment for the webmaster. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to monetize your website in this era.

First, we need to make some assumptions in order to make sure we’re on the same page. I’m assuming you have a quality blog, with a bunch of related posts and that your blog is “about something” and updated often. If it’s not, then monetizing it is an option, but not as important as doing the basic of site-building. For someone who has a well-developed blog, then monetizing becomes a primary issue. For this type of blogger I offer the following .

1) Context Sensitive Advertising. It’s obvious, but this is still the easiest and most effective way to monetize your blog’s content. Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network give you the option of running a wide variety of ads, without you having to strike deals with individual advertisers. This gives you a steady income, and the amount paid to you is very competitive with other competing programs.

2) CPM or individualized banner sales. If your website has a great deal of traffic you can also make money running CPM ads, or you can develop custom advertising programs that you can aim directly at advertisers in your niche. Either one would require you have some sort of ad banner management software, and a way to show your stats to potential clients.

3) Sell a product or service that’s directly related to your niche. In many case, although the most difficult of these three methods, it’s usually the most profitable. If you can find a product or service to sell that doesn’t require a great deal of tech or customer support and is not expensive to ship, you have a chance to earn a great deal of money.  If it’s something that will tie up a ton of your time or capital, stay clear.  But any product that you can sell that is easily tied into your existing traffic base is a surefire method of increasing your online marketing income.

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