It takes time to get your blog ranked in search engines

April 10, 2006 – 1:50 pm

by Darren

It doesn’t take long to get your blog indexed by the search engines. All you need is a few links from a few other websites. But it does take increasingly long to get your website to rank well. This is to be understood and accepted. In fact, it’s getting increasingly tough to rank fast with any type of website, and a blog is no different.

The number of blogs on the internet is enormous, and each day a great number of them are updated. This huge influx of data daily into the search engines makes it difficult for them to rank all of the pages, so they look into other criteria: like link popularity. It may take them several months to process all of this data, and your website rankings may not be updated until they do.

All the blogs are very interlinked. Almost all search engines will take into account the link mapping that occurs between blogs and will make some sort of ranking decision based on the information they find. As they find more incoming links to your blog, your blog’s ranking will increase, especially the ones that are mentioned specifically in the incoming anchor text. As the incoming links pile up, your website will become stronger and rank for a wider base of words. The main thing that strengthens your website’s ranks is the fact that you continue to post on a focused subject daily.

After one month, you should review your back link totals in MSN.  Look for any natural links you can find.  If specific stories you’re writing are being linked to more often than others, make sure you examine why that is.  See if you can repeat the success and attract even more links.  The more links you get, the quicker your website gets to rank.

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