Timeliness: the main advantage of blogging

April 12, 2006 – 11:51 am

by Darren

I thought about blogs that don’t update recently, and I realized what a bad position they’re in. A blog, left unattended, will quickly become a weed garden. Blogs have a number of features, but the main advantage a blog has over a static website is timeliness. People search blogs for the newest information, and they read blogs that update often.

Why would a person subscribe to a blog that update yearly or not at all? They wouldn’t, and neither would any rational two-footed person who takes life seriously. Blogs are ‘in the moment’ and without dilligence will quickly fall from any radar.

I think it’s easiest to conceptualize blogs as magazines. Sure magazines have archives of past stories which you’ll peruse occasionally, but in the long run, you’ll want the newest edition to read. If information didn’t become quickly outdated, then a magazine and a newspaper would never have made any money.

Where can you find new information every day? It’s all around you. I’m not saying it will be easy to find exciting and unique things to blog about concerning your niche.  But it will be worth it.  If you can’t freshen up the pages every now and again, you need to lower the expectations for your blog.  If you plan on blogging for dollars, you need to keep your nose to the grindstone and keep on churning out the news.

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