Velocity and consistency are two keys to blogging success

April 15, 2006 – 9:00 am

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Let’s take a look at two factors that ensure your future or continued success with blogging for dollars.

The first is velocity. Velocity refers to the rapidity of movement of a thing. In the case of blogging, velocity refers to the speed at which you’re acquiring search engine rankings, link popularity, revenue, and readers, in no particular order. If you move too slow, there is very little chance you’ll be able to capture the potential of the blog movement.

Any lack of velocity, or possible stagnation in your blogging must be avoided. Stagnation can occur for any number of reasons, but burnout is one you have to look out for in particular. If you’re bored with your blog or its’ subject, then undoubtedly so is your audience. Velocity comes from the fact you’re excited about blogging, and you delve into your subject with a ton of passion.

If you notice your velocity lagging (as measured by Alexa, or revenue, or just a feeling you get), then it’s time to inject some enthusiasm back into your daily blogging existence.

Consistency is the other principle we’ll look at. It’s not directly related to velocity, but it’s an equally important concept to master. Consistency is what it takes to grind out the win on days when you don’t appear to be getting anywhere with your blogging. Consistency is the discipline required to blog and the innate belief that doing so will work to your advantage. To paraphrase a common quote: 90% of blogging success is showing up.

Practicing consistency means doing the small things right every day.  It means you need to dig in and look for the material for your blog, or better yet, just create it yourself.  If you’ve lived on earth for any amount of time, you know that persistent effort is almost always what seperates the winners from the losers.  In order to win, you have to play.  Consistency is what can take your blogging from a hobby to an income.

If you’re looking to get moving on a successful blog right now, then couple consistency with velocity for the best results.  Post often and post well.  Wage a link-building campaign.  Use PPC if your business model supports it.  Do whatever you can to get a mass of readership as quickly as you can, and then work hard every day to keep them coming back.  If you can do this for a sustained period of time, the chance of you losing is virtually nil.

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