Heard from a reliable source: blogs are dead

April 18, 2006 – 7:33 am

by Darren

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I was checking out the StaticSphere (my term for the unchanging non-blog universe) today and I happened upon a person who disagreed with my statement that the StaticSphere was dead and that blogging was the future of mankind. He said to me: Blogs are Dead. And you know what? I realized he had to be right. Here we were, using “forum software” to discuss the future of the internet. From his standpoint, all the money is in creating more Static Pages, in the hopes of endless monetization.

From my standpoint, StaticMan is wrong. He’s championing the dinosaur idea of post, spider, monetize that is still seen every day. People would argue that a blog is merely a CMS, and at a technical level, they’re right, but blogs have taken on a mana of their own because of the community of bloggers that exists worldwide. Blogs allow you to communicate with the public, but do so in a more tidy and organized fashion than a plain CMS or forum script can do. More importantly, blogs are the darling of the new media. You cannot expect the world to get excited about a forum post you made, or even a static page that is greatly researched. You can, however, post once to the BlogOSphere, and have truly hot websites pass your link on to their readers. In one second, your reputation and website can be transformed into one with national prominence. Could this happen on the old internet? No way.

In the world of post, spider, monetize, it may take months for you to see any income. In the blog world of post, link, monetize instantly, you have a distinct advantage over anyone who is waiting for something to happen. You can live in a world of exponential growth where your paycheck is only limited by your imagination, or you can swim in the shallow and tepid waters of stagnation and mediocrity. To me the choice is clear. As to the statement that Blogs are dead: believe what you want to, because that will just leave more blogging for me.

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