Feedburner offers a ton of impressive RSS Feed features

April 20, 2006 – 9:07 am

by Darren

If you’re in the market for managing your RSS Feeds, then is worth a try. The free service has a ton of impressive features, that are very easy to use. In fact, Feedburner makes it easy to change the look and feel of your feed as well as helping you to monetize and protect your copyrights.

A quick method of adding RSS Feeds for all major RSS reader services is available in the Chickletchooser section of Feedburner as well. This will save you a ton of time making user-friendly images and formatting your links for your side navigation menu. Feedburner is also available to track your RSS subscribers, which should come in handy for almost anyone.

Notable, also, is Feedburner’s ability to Notify People by Email to any changes to your blog feed. They handle the subscription chores for you, which is quite convenient.
Feedburner offers a way to manage your subscriber count as well, and makes a simple button which displays your total readership.  Please subscribe to mine, because the number looks very, very lonely right now.  For people who are interested in running RSS feeds on their blogs, Feedburner has a dizzying array of features that can assist you in daily management.  This is the first day I created the Blog Republic Feed, so I can easily keep track of the progress in this space.  I’m hoping it proves successful.

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