Social bookmarking and marketing your blog

April 21, 2006 – 7:52 am

by Darren

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Right now, tagging and social bookmarking are in vogue. Some people consider social bookmarking to be an improvement over other current more popular information organizing systems. How it all pans out remains to be seen. What we do know is that social bookmarking is having a huge impact on how people market blogs, and the impact will probably become even more popular in the next few years.

Examples of popular social bookmarking sites:

  • - the big daddy of them all
  • Furl - Looksmart’s Zeal became Furl
  • Bloglines - another popular social bookmarking site
  • Technorati - fast growing BlogOSphere staple

There are many more, but these four handle a ton of traffic. Each one of the websites will have specific TOS agreements which will govern exactly what you can and cannot do as far as self-promotional efforts go, so make sure to read up on them before you piss anyone off, because that’s exactly the type of thing you want to avoid in a social bookmarking environment. Respect the people who make up the community and you should have no problem.

At the very least, most Social Bookmarking websites make the lists of Bookmarks public, which can be advantageous, as long as the page itself also is linked to from somewhere. Social Bookmarking can be a way to create buzz, but it can be a hand that is easily over-played as well.  I’ll take a look at some of these websites in more details in future posts.

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