Using YouTube to promote your blog

April 22, 2006 – 8:29 am

by Darren

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It looks like is one of those transformative technologies that is actually changing how people live. Prior to YouTube, who Launched in February of 2005, there was no easy way to share videos on the internet. YouTube changed all that by developing technology that allows you to easily add embeddable video to your website. What kind of opportunites does this offer for savvy marketers? Viral ones, of course, and the major marketing companies are already exploiting YouTube to its’ fullest advantages.

What do you need to do to use YouTube to promote your website:

1) Video camera technology to actually capture video
2) Video editing software to add your Title and Credits - including your URL you sly devil :)
3) A YouTube account, which you can create in seconds
4) The code to the video you upload.

Let’s take a look at how it all actually works.

You use code to embed the video. The result will look like this:

Here is the completed product. Now, of course, it would help a lot if I had actual talent making videos, but so far I’ve spent around 45 minutes perfecting the craft. I know Spielberg and Oliver Stone have worked at least three times as hard. But this should give you the idea of how you can promote at website that is probably Web 2.0’s greatest current success story.

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