Winning bloggers smoke the competition through sheer tenacity

April 24, 2006 – 6:43 am

by Darren

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Think about this: you recently hear some exciting news that is really great! A new blog has been started on the internet! …Let me try that again: “A NEW BLOG has just been started on the Internet!!!!”. Are you excited yet? Is your heart a-flutter with anticipation? I bet it’s not, and that’s the trouble.

Running around and shouting to the “Internet” that there’s a new blog by a virtually unknown author will either be met with 1) extreme indifference or 2) outright antipathy. Should this make us sad as new bloggers? Not really. I think I’m more impressed with a competitive BlogOSphere than a wimpy one that could be run all over by new people in a matter of days. People are always skeptical of new things, be it blogs, products, or people that you just met. You’re skeptical, becase you don’t know them.

Even though people are skeptical, they’re also fair a lot of the times. If they know your website is new, but it appears to them to be a well-written and high-quality resource, then they’ll look for you to keep writing. They’ll check your blog for a few months and if they see you sustain your enthusiam, and your high quality writing, they’ll add you to the blog readers and become regular readers. On the internet, you need to sneak up on people. If you run straight at them, they tend to want to avoid you. If you make excellent posts for a consistent period of time, a few things will happen to you.

1) You’ll develop a reputation with end users for being a consistent data source
2) You’ll develop a reputation with other bloggers for being a consistent and reliable data source that they link to

Both of these scenarios, over time, will add up to a huge readership, and potentially will even give you some influence in your new found medium. At first, it’s almost unavoidable that you’ll be blogging in what seems like isolation, but it clears up over time. Within 6 months of beginning a blog, you’ll start to see yourself seperate yourself from the blogging masses. It takes at least this long for people on the internet to be aware you’re making an impact. It takes at least this long for links to be counted, and for newfound authority status to be conferred. But six months is not a long time in the final analysis. Considering that you can and will build a high-income producing revenue stream, and you realize that those six months are the best time you’ve spent in years. Keep up your tenacity, and the rest will take care of itself.

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